EnviroCare Australia Pty Ltd

EnviroCare Australia Pty Ltd

Has been established since 1986 supplying systems for Gas, Conditioning, Acoustic Cleaning, SO2 Abatement, Gas Scrubbing and Dust Suppression for the Australian and South African markets. In that time we have provided solutions and solved many problems for the Cement, Power, Metals, and other specialised industries. Our expertise in metals processes has grown to such an extent that we have supplied MicroMist Gas Conditioning Systems for Copper, Tin, Steel, Lead and Zinc Smelters not only in Australia but also in many countries around the world. 

MicroMist™ - Evaporative gas conditioning systems for the cooling and enhancement of furnace and boiler off gases. The technology provides reduced evaporation times for lower temperatures and dry system operation.

AH™ Acoustic Horns - Are a series of acoustic devices for the removal of dust build up in fabric filters, electrostatic precipitators, silos, ducts, towers, hoppers and fan wheel housings.

MicroMist ML Micro-fine-Lime™- Is a semi-dry lime injection system for the removal of SO2 and reactive plume abatement.

MicroMist™ - Wet Scrubbing Systems are a low pressure drop device for the removal of particulate, condensables, heavy metals and acid gases in various process streams.

MicroFog™ - Dust Suppression Systems uses ultra fine droplets as filter media for the precipitation of dust particles through impaction and agglomeration.

Dust removal or buildups a problem? Then why not blow or suppress them away by using proven technologies. Does your gas stream require conditioning, cleaning, SO2 abatement or odour removal? Why not contact us. We have helped many companies over the years and have built up an enviable reputation just doing that.

Telephone (Int'l) : 61 3 9727 2022
Fax : (Int'l) 61 3 9727 2422
Email : envirocare@envirocare.com.au

Evaporative Gas Conditioning

EGC Cooling - Electrostatic Precipitators

EGC Conditioning - Fabric Filters

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