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EGC Conditioning - Fabric Filters

Fabric filter dust collectors are often chosen for their efficiency in capturing particulate. Unfortunately, higher gas temperatures require the use of expensive filter bags which may still be limited to lower temperatures than many processes' exhausts. Furthermore, any increase in gas volume can upset a marginal air-to-cloth ratio and severely affect emissions and pressure drop.

MicroMist EGC is beneficial to the performance of fabric filters because of the reduction in gas volume (lower air-to-cloth ratio) that occurs from evaporative cooling. This effect is similar to the effect of raising SCA in precipitators. Increased humidity can also improve the filterability of particles resulting in lower pressure drop and higher collection efficiency. This is especially true for ashes that are inherently non-cohesive. Cooling the process exhaust gas will reduce both the temperature and the gas volume, allowing the selection of reasonably priced filter media and reducing the gas volume through the fabric filter.

Filter Cake Properties at Various Humidities

Particulate Collection Efficiency as Function of SCA

SCA vs. Temperature


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