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Evaporative Gas Conditioning
MicroMist EGC 

Evaporative Gas Conditioning (EGC) is a technique for conditioning flue gas prior to electrostatic precipitators and fabric filters to improve particulate collection. Unlike other flue gas conditioning techniques, EGC does not add any toxic or hazardous compounds to the plant site, flue gas, or collected ash. Instead, finely atomised water is evaporated in the gas stream to lower its temperature and raise the moisture content of the flue gas. This beneficially alters particulate properties by raising surface conduction and increasing inter-particle bonding, thereby enhancing the collection of dust and trace elements in particulate control devices.  

Benefits of MicroMist EGC

Electrostatic precipitator (EP)
Lowers gas volume and velocity
Increases humidity
Increases specific collection area
Increases particle migration velocity
Lowers gas viscosity
Decreases rapping reentrainment

Fabric Filter (FF)
Lowers gas volume and pressure drop
Allows use of lower-priced filter media
Decreases air-to-cloth ratio
Improves dust removal from media
Increases dust cohesivity
Improves filter cake characteristics


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